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A Bit About Browning...

Writer/Actor Sean Browning was born in the small city of Belleville, Ontario and grew up in the even smaller village of Madoc, Ontario. This is where he got his first taste of acting and writing, playing the lead in a grade-four musical "The Canada Goose" and co-writing and co-starring in a grade-five production called "The Trojan Horse" ("well, actually it was more like The Trojan Pommel Horse... but we were small and three of us could fit into it.")

That was a long time ago, and many silly little plays and overly self-conscious short stories later he moved to Toronto to study Screenwriting at York University. During his stay at York, he had two comic strips published in various York newspapers: the one panelled "Totally Flaccid" (the on-going plight of "Reaction Guy" to "Aggravated Man With Glasses"), and "Wish I Were Here", the six-panelled story of a man fighting the powers of evil with a talking turnip and a three-legged fish. He dropped out of university after his second year but he still made Toronto his permanent home.

He spent many of those years in bands - first as mandolin/some-time-vocalist for the band Snidely Whiplash, playing the festival and local bar circuit with the likes of "Lowest of the Low" and "Dig Circus", then starting his own band "Schroeder" taking on the role of lead vocalist. Schroeder played their own brand of 80's pop meets creepy-amusement-park-music throughout Toronto from 1994 to 1999. Never having the money to record anything too professional sounding they finally fizzled away only leaving behind a short barely-produced demo ep.

Through that time Browning kept writing. He wrote a children's story called "The Man Who Lived In A Hole" and a Three-Day-Novel writing contest entry called "The Cockroaches of Heaven," but the acting bug was coming back so he joined Second City classes (where he first met Matt Reid) and started auditioning for plays and commercials.

So now he has performed Shakespeare (Romeo, Lysander, Caliban, Portia and a couple of Fools in various Shakespeare reviews), Fagin in a production of "Oliver!", various characters in a Beckett compilation, a Greek chorus/jury member in the musical "In Your Dreams, Freud!", has been in a couple of Toronto Fringe productions, and has become a regularly performing (and sometimes teaching) member of Toronto Theatre Sports (along with graduating the Second City Conservatory program - and doing the shows that come with that - under Devil's Advocate Andrew Currie.) He has also studied improv and acting under Second City Chicago's Mick Napier and screen legend Alan Arkin.

He started performing with Matt Reid in the improv troupe "The Insomniacs" which soon became the sketch/improv troupe "The Asbestos Brothers." As the rest of the group dissolved, Sean and Matt kept working together under the name "Reid Along With Browning" and after a while were nominated for "Very Funny Sketch Troupe" at the "2002 Canadian Comedy Awards."

These days, Browning performs with Matt, still performs in and directs other people's comedy shows, teaches improv at both The Bad Dog Theatre and University of Toronto's Hart House, still throws up the odd Totally Flaccid comic strip, and tries to sell his screenplay "The Porcupine" and produce his "Candle on the Water."

He has also recently started a film company, "Tum Tum Tree Films" with film maker Jeremy Schultz, that will focus on horror films (yes, that's right... horror). Look out for in the near future. Hopefully "Sean" Browning will one day be uttered (without too much contempt) in the same sentence as "Tod" Browning (director of "Freaks" and the original Bela Lugosi "Dracula").

He also still lives in Toronto with his wonderful wife Kim, daughter Amelia, and a whippet named Echo - from which "WhippetRun!" was named.

Totally Flaccid is a single-panel comic strip by Sean Browning. Take a peek at the archives to read 'em, and check back from time to time for new ones!

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