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Newish! Added Feb 32nd/60
Did somebody say,
"The History of Reid Along with Browning
in colourful photos"?
But here they are anyway:

The Very Beginning.

Several Hours Later.

After a Short Nap.

Between 4:00 PM and Another
Altogether Different 4:00 PM That Same Day.

That Same Day, Three Days Earlier,
Right After a Glass of Brandy
and a Bag of Paste.

Before a Bag of Paste
but not Directly Three Hours Before
the Last of the Dinosaurs Abdicated Their Rule of the Earth
- that happened around 6PM Eastern Standard Time.

6PM Western Automatic Time
Right Before a Dinner of Breakfast
and Half a Dozen Lunches -also
Consisting of Breakfast - Roughly around 4PM.
The Dinosaurs Begin Writing Their Memoirs.

Right After You Finished Reading This Caption

A Day and a Half After this Caption
was Typed. Photographed with Technology that
will be Created in April of Next Year - or Yesterday at 3 O'clock.
This is Dependent on the Whims of Gregors the Secular Elf.

New! Added Sept 12/05.
Here it is! The complete tetrology of the
Reid Along with Browning Documentary.

Listen and download the Reid Along With Browning Sketch Yoga (mp3)

check back for more this week!

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