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A Bit About Reid...

Matthew Reid was born in the City of Toronto, Canada in 1910. But seeing that there were still too many horses around he changed his mind and was born instead in the latter part of the 20th century. Somewhat precocious, he began performing comedy routines at the age of two or three. Standing on the top of a slide in a local playground he would recite the latest Sesame St. or Electric Company bit to the surrounding company of children. The evidence of a lack of injury from falling from heights suggests that these routines went over well with the local children.

When he turned eleven he decided that the top of a slide was too limiting a venue. Beginning his first improv classes under the tutelage of local entertainment columnist Rob Salem, Reid started getting a little more public exposure. He became a fairly regular performer at Theatresports (which was just beginning in Toronto around that time) and his sketch writing and acting was featured on CBC's "Going Great", which had also featured a young Celine Dion as an up and comer. Continuing his writing and performing, he went on to create hours of audio sketches and short films with the comedy troupe "Sicky TV".

By his early teens, Reid took a sharp turn towards being more interested in the composition of music. Also precocious in this area, he began composing at the age of ten and by the age of fifteen was writing complex works in the style of J.S. Bach. Soon after finishing his degree in music theory and composition he realized that he sorely missed being on stage. By fluke in the mid 90's he ended up doing several small parts in a Shakespeare play. The acting bug hit him again and he began appearing in local theatre wherever he could. Once again, in the late 90's he felt that something was missing: the world of improv and comedy. He got involved in The Second City Improv courses. The rest, as they say, is history. Currently, as well as being involved with Mr. Browning, Reid is one of The Second City musical directors and continously churns out music for all sorts of comedic productions all over the city.

Highlights in Reid's career include, appearing with Joe Flaherty in a live performance of The Sammy Maudlin Show, receiving praise for his work by screen legend Alan Arkin, making Jamie Foxx do a double take on the set of "Bait", having a smoke break with Tommy Smothers, and creeping out the host of "Going Great" by answering many of his questions with feral child sounds.

Reid intends to live to be four hundred years old. He is currently looking for donor bodies to transmit his living mind into. He would also consider transmitting his mind into a very nice fruit jar....or two as long as these jars are very nice. He is also unhappy with the current spelling of the alphabet and thinks moths are far too large and dusty.

Hear some of Matt's musical work over at: this purty site.

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