A REALLY brief history of Reid Along With Browning...

Matthew Reid and Sean Browning met while taking Second City Workshops a whole lotta time ago. With numerous others they formed the improv troupe "The Insomniacs" playing in many drinking establishments around Toronto. After a bit The Insomniacs condensed and became the sketch troupe "The Asbestos Brothers," performing the monthly "Asbestos Brothers' Variety Show."

For one reason or another The Asbestos Brothers fizzled out, but Matt and Sean reckoned they liked working together too much to say adieu. The two performed for the first time as a sketch duo in the Fall of 2000 as "Reid Along With Browning," receiving a very warm reception.

Since then, they have attained somewhat of a cult status in Toronto. Their reputation for strong stage performances and a dedication to creating comedy that was both intelligent and wildly unpredictable made them much in demand by comedy show organizers as a featured act as well as by other sketch groups and performers as a warm-up act. Interestingly, their brand of humour has played well with corporate clients as well.... This all around popularity has been reflected by being twice nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for "Pretty Funny Sketch Troupe." (2002 and 2005)

The boys are always up to something. Click here to see what those damn kids are up to now....

Totally Flaccid is a single-panel comic strip by Sean Browning. Take a peek at the archives to read 'em, and check back from time to time for new ones!

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